Research utilizing human post-mortem brain tissue has played a critical role in propelling our knowledge of diseases and disorders of the nervous system (click to learn more),
however declining autopsy rates combined with an increased demand for well-characterized, high-quality tissue requires a new approach to brain banking and better outreach and communication with stakeholders.
The NBB will coordinate the collection, evaluation, processing, storage and distribution of nervous system tissue and associated clinical data via a federated network of brain and tissue repositories that span the United States in a transparent and standardized way for use by the broader research community for the study of neurological, psychiatric and developmental disorders.
By linking together our brain and tissue repositories through a common informatics platform, researchers will have simplified, centralized, and transparent access to 1,000s of biospecimens from donors with a variety of diseases and disorders of the nervous system. Learn more about who we are and what we do: NeuroBioBank Schematic.

Special Thanks

The NeuroBioBank development team would like to acknowledge the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and its BioLINCC Program for the programming code used in the implementation of this website. The NeuroBioBank code was based on the BioLINCC framework, which shares many of the same advanced features and a well-defined yet flexible workflow for request submission and fulfillment.