Listings and Locations of Brain Banks

NeuroBioBank Supported Brain Banks:
University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank
University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank
Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center
Sepulveda Research Corporation
Mt. Sinai Brain Bank
Brain Tissue Donation Program at the University of Pittsburgh

This image is an animated gif showing the name, location and icon of each brain bank.  There is an image of the UM Brain Endowment Bank, an image of the Mt. Sinai Brain Bank, an image of the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, an image of the Brain Tissue Donation Program U Pitt, an image of the Sepulveda Research Corporation, and an image of the University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank.

The NIH NeuroBioBank accepts tissue donations across all U.S. States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Maps of the six current Brain and Tissue Repositories and their respective collection networks are highlighted in this animation.

Other Brain Banks:
VA Biorepository Brain Bank
VA National Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Brain Bank - 1(800)762-6609
National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium
New York Brain Bank at Columbia University
Southwest Brain Bank
Banner Sun Health Brain and Body Donation Program
National Human Tissue Resource Center
Stanley Brain Research Laboratory and Brain Collection
NIAAA Tissue Resource Center
Pacific Northwest Dementia and Aging Neuropathology Group