Request Status Definitions

Request Submitted

When the request is first submitted an email is sent to the requesting user as acknowledgement of receipt. At this point the request is automatically set to "Pending Requestor-Signed MTA/CV".

Pending Requestor-Signed MTA/CV

After a request is received, but prior to the review process beginning for a request, a requestor-signed MTA and CV must be uploaded. Instructions for how to download, sign, and upload a custom MTA will be emailed to the requestor and are available on the request page.

Custom MTA Review

When a MTA is marked as custom, it must be reviewed by Tech Transfer before the request can proceed. After Tech Transfer has either approved or denied the custom MTA, the request is automatically set to "NeuroBioBank Review".

NeuroBioBank Review

At this stage a NeuroBioBank staff member will begin to review the request. If more information is needed from the requesting user the staff member will set the request status to either "Pending Requestor Input" or "Pending Requestor Documentation". Otherwise the Brain and Tissue Repositories will be notified and the status will be set to "BTR Review".

Pending Requestor Input

The requestor is notified via email that their input is required for the request.

Pending Funding Decision

Before the request can proceed to "BTR Review" the requestor must have confirmed their funding. Once this happens the requests status will automatically be updated to "NeuroBioBank Review".

BTR Review

Specified Brain and Tissue Repositories will receive emailed requests to begin reviewing the request. This step in the review process may involve back and forth communication between all parties.

Specimen Search Results Complete

Using the information gathered from the repositories, NeuroBioBank staff will decide if the request should be approved and fulfillment should commence.

Approved/Fullfillment In Progress

NeuroBioBank will select repositories, via the Tissue Request Processing (BTR/NIH only) tab, who will then be notified to begin fulfillment of the request. Once all notified repositories have set their statuses to "Fulfillment Complete" the request status will be updates to "Request Fulfilled".

Request Fullfilled

The request has successfully been fulfilled and all parties are notified.

Request Denied

At any point in the review NeuroBioBank staff may determine that the request should not continue and set the request status to "Request Denied".

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